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Emory is a host for the Project GRAD program, which works to help students graduate from high school and attend college. Some hard-working project participants recently pitched in for a campus service project (right), visited the Michael C. Carlos Museum and attended a crash course in how to apply to college.

Office of University-Community Partnerships

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As an undergraduate nursing student, Sandra Dunbar worked in a coronary care unit for her senior practicum. Inspired by the unit's staff, she was drawn to a career in cardiovascular nursing. Now an endowed professor at Emory's Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing, Dunbar helped create the school's doctoral program, and her research is making life easier for heart patients and their families. As a leader in research on symptoms and health outcomes, Dunbar typifies the insight and creativity of Emory's nursing faculty.

Strengthening faculty distinction: Dunbar's story

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Illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease are affecting more young people in developing countries. Now a $3 million federal grant will enable Emory University and the Public Health Foundation of India to establish a Global Center of Excellence for Prevention and Control of Cardiometabolic Diseases in South Asia. "More people die worldwide and in developing countries from cardiovascular disease and diabetes than from malaria, HIV and tuberculosis combined," says Emory Center of Excellence principal investigator K. M. Venkat Narayan.

More about federal grant + new center

Sound Science podcast: Narayan describes the center's work

Health sciences research

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